Innovative Design
at USC

USC’s premier creative agency! We are a community of designers, photographers, and web developers utilizing our skills to support other student organizations and their projects.

What we do

Our members spend a semester collaborating in a team on a professional client project.
We coordinate design workshops, guest speakers, portfolio reviews, and mentorships to compliment the field work members complete with their teams.

Our services

We’d love to hear from you! Submit design, web, or photography creative service requests and learn more about how Innovative Design at USC can help


Logos, fliers, branding


Fashion, product, portrait

Web Design

End-to-end web development

Meet the team!

We are divided into three core disciplines of design, photography, and web.

Each discipline consists of multiple teams, managed by team leads. Each team works on at least one professional project every semester.


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We’re looking for innovative and passionate creatives wanting to contribute to both the USC and greater Los Angeles community.
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